onsdag 21. april 2010

devine, transcend, peace, joy, compassion

Bernardo's five words: devine, transcend, peace, joy, compassion

God had had a real busy period up in his Heaven. He had been taking care of the people of Iceland becauce of the vulcano-outbreak. Almighty God saw how the Islandic people had been struggeling to survive for a long period, and now came the vulcano- outbreak on the big island. God was not in peace or ease. He was busy beyond his capasity taking care of the earth he so proudly had created and the people he had put to live on this earth. God's capasity was trancended up to an unexpected high level, a level he had not foreseen on the busy week when he ha created earth and heaven.

Still he was the allmighty, and as the allmighty he looked down to se how his creatures managed on his earth. Down in Philadelphia he saw one of his creatures struggeling with nothing. The struggel with nothing is considered the worst and most difficult struggle as it is so vague and impossible to get a good grip on.

A caterpillar had for some unknown reason decided to reach devinity, and for some reason he had decided to climb up the highest pole in Philadelphia. The caterpillar very eagerly went to the task even though the pole was not the worst one to decend on. The caterpillar found himself in a challenging situation. He sometimes slid down and had to start on new from the slid-down position. In addition he got sores and wounds under his stomack. He very soon realised that the way to devinity was not padded with joy and compassion. On the contrary. But as the caterpillar for some reason had got into his head the search for devine living, he bravely mounted on the pole.

God almighty for a moment look down and saw the caterpillar mounting the pole on his sore stomack. God almighty also saw what the wornout carterpillar did not observe, a hungry bird circling around searching for the next meal. God almighty reached out a hand, touched the caterpillar who instantly turned into a butterfly as it was ment to be.

The hungry bird watched the change and dived for the butterfly.






















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  1. SO beautiful, Magne! You are most certainly a gifted man who is here to teach others & provide food for deep thought.

    Keep up the GOOD work my dear friend,
    Linda Tovaas