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Matthew five words: Jesus, roses, bear, curiosity, happy

Matthew five words: Jesus, roses, bear, curiosity, happy

Jesus was wandering on his Father’s earth. He often did so. He took small trips every now and then. I am not sure why, whether it was curiosity to see how his Father’s creation managed or whether it was for other reasons. But he often wandered in different parts of the globe. As a kind soul he didn’t disturb any creature, animals, plants, human beings, water, stones or soil. He just wandered quietly around as he had wandered years ago when he truly lived on the earth, but could not at that time wander so quietly in peace. Now he did so. Nobody took notice of him, nobody wanted to listen to him, nobody brought ill people to him, nobody wanted him to perform miracles, nobody brought him to court. He just walked around as whoever could do. Jesus liked this anonymity on the earth that years and years ago offered him no anonymity. He was pleased and happy in the situation even though he knew that the past situation had been important for the earth he now tread so peacefully and happy.

Jesus made a stop by a small lake. He had no problem with crossing it, but he hesitated for some reason. Why not take a pause?

He sat down by the shore and watched the glittering water of the lake, he watched the plants on the bank and considered his Father’s power to have created all this. Did he have the same power? He had awakened dead people, turned water into wine and performed other miracles. But could he create an earth?

Jesus sat lent to a tree playing playing with the thoughts of creating his own earth, or if he could not create an earth, at least make some remarkable changes of the earth so that the touch of his finer easily could be seen?

Two days later he rose, turned to the lake and decided to try. He pointed his finger to a small island on the lake.

- Be what you want to be! he proclaimed.

Immediately the island started to change. Smoke began to rise from the island, and as so happened, animals started to flee. They came swimming to the shore where Jesus was standing watching the island. On of the animals, a big bear, turned to Jesus and snarled:

- What the hell do you think you are doing? Making us homeless? That’s what you do!

The bear didn’t recognize Jesus, but for some reason he dared not attack this man on the shore. Something about this shore-man filled him with respect more than frightened him. He knew that this man couldn’t be attacked. He had been attacked before, and that had made him attack-free., so to say. The bear growled and left into the woods.

Since then bears hesitate to attack certain human beings. Bears have in them a fear it could be the same one who was standing on the shore watching his island change.

Jesus then noticed a small tiny rose growing by his feet. He looked at it and said:

- When my island is ready, you will move to it, and there you will prosper.

Later on the island was filled with special tiny roses, islandic roses.

It is unclear for how long Jesus watches the island grow bigger and bigger as fire and melted stone flew out of it and into the lake. Jesus realized that the lake could soon be too small for the island, so he stretched out a finger and moved it into on of the terrible big oceans that had appeared when his Father departed water and earth. There his island would have space enough to grow.

Jesus knew his Father had followed poor Cain when he had to flee and had given him the land where there for one season was no sun and for one season sun day and night, and his father had promised to follow specially de descendants of Cain in the barren and beautiful country he gave him. Jesus now wanted to do the same with his island. He turned to it and said:

- You will be populated with the most daring people, brave, heroic and fearless folks shall populate you. I will myself follow your people specially, and always look to you. I will see to that you will grow every now and then.

Jesu island still grows every now and then, and his fearless people still populate it.

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  2. Hei Linda. Nice to hear from you. Give me five words if you please.

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