tirsdag 11. mai 2010

sunshine, wave, bicycle, electricity, breakfast

Greet Cams from ABR-Belgium has given five words:

sunshine, wave, bicycle, electricity, breakfast

The boy had no hope of a future life. He was despaired, that kind of despair that comes when you know you are giving up everything the next moment. Just before giving up, one gets despaired. You know you have been searching for solutions, you have tried all your options, and you search your head if there is a single one, just a single possibility that you haven’t been aware of. You are despaired searching. In the moment when you give in, you are outside every despair. You are without care for yourself.

The boy was despaired. He knew he was a footstep from the total chanceless situation where you have just to wait, where everything was tried.

Two years ago he had lived a sunny life on top of the waves of life, mentally surfing from wave to wave. He was member of a motorbike-club, and riding his bicycle was part of his life in the sunshine on tops of life’s waves. His bicycle, his friends and the life at the top was a matter of course to him. Life played, and he played in life.

Still, when he was surfing the tops of life, there were moments of dissatisfaction. He could not clearly define to himself why, but he felt a decadence every now and then. He eyed his mates to observe whether they had the same feelings of dissatisfaction and aloneness, whether it was a normal thing and as such should be left as it was. But he could observe none of that in his mates. They looked completely happy and content in life.

One day as he was having his breakfast at his club, he observed a stranger he hadn’t seen at the club before, and neither had seen or met anywhere else. The man had found a table in a shadowy corner of the room where the electric light didn’t lit up his face well. As he had his breakfast, he was in the corner of his eyes observing the others in the room. It looked like he was trying to choose among those present which one was his match.

The boy saw his eyes glide slowly from person to person, also on him, and each time the eye cast passed him, he felt an icy coldness down his spine. There was something evil, something chilly in the secret eye casts. He decided to finish his breakfast quickly and the slip away.

Two years later the boy knew into the backbone that he should have slipped away at once and not finished his breakfast first.

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