fredag 28. mai 2010

friendship, honesty, loyalty, humour, love

Maite Perez’ five words: friendship, honesty, loyalty, humour, love

Most people count friendship and loyalty among the best qualities a human being can have. They also count honesty, humour and love among those qualities. I know that. I have heard it much before and nowadays, and fact is, I myself used to say so and think so in former days. Friendship, honesty, loyalty, humour and love I thought and also preached it for anyone who care to give it a hear.

Together with a friend of mine - really old friend, we had been friends since childhood – I had established a business that had been successful. The first 5-19 years had been hard working. We had both of us worked long days and weekends without any more wages than it barely kept us alive. Not more.

But slowly the income of the business grew, and we could work shorter days and take weekends free every now and then. Also we could take out more profit. That meant for instance that my wife and I for the first time for many years could take a holiday. I could leave the business for a week. It was really special to have the possibility to spend leisure time with my wife.

Life got easier these years as our company to some extent run itself in the meaning that we could engage a manager. It gave us more privacy. The economy was better as well. My wife and I joined leisure activities as we now had time and economy to do so. Mostly we didn’t join the same things. I was fond of fishing and hunting and took up those sports. My wife was fond of another activities as dancing and painting, and she took up those activities. Life was really playing nicely with us. Life played. We played in it.

I am not sure when I first felt there was something wrong, some sand in the machinery of life, so to say. As time passed on there was enough sand in it to make me start worry. I was afraid my wife was seriously ill and didn’t want to tell me so. She had become both more silent and more frenetic in a way.

One Sunday evening when I returned from a hunting weekend, I found our home empty. A letter, a short one, stated that she had left for another man. That was all. Fancy the shock I got. I turned to my old friend for comfort and support, but as I did so – he wasn’t at home. Actually he had no home. He had sold his house and left for an unknown destination. I soon learnt he was selling his part of our business.

Do I have to say more?

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  1. Hello Magne, I just watched the fantastic movie about you and your journey from isolation to communication! What a fantastic job, I really admire you for your hard work and devotion.

    I wonder about one thing though, why didn't you set up a test where you can proove to the doctors that it's really you who's writing and not somebody else? That would be really simple and really leave no argument left against your abilities. Maybe you have already done this, but it doesn't show in the movie. I think it would mean a lot to a lot of people if you would let your ability to communicate be scientifically proven!

    Ha det kjempegreit
    / Peter Forslund