torsdag 14. november 2013

Første lukte-assosiasjon

Dagens blogg er forrige ukes luktehistorie til Greg på Family Hope Center. Jeg fikk nemlig som en del av olfactory-programmet å i løpet av en uke assosiere rundt en lukt. Dette er første runde.

The smell arouse viantly against him and hit him as a bullet. If you never has experienced that kind of smell, you will never know the meaning of it, nor understand that smell can act like a bullet. The smell bulleted its way through the nostrils. The speed had became a bit slower, snot and shimmering-hair in the nose slowered even more down, so when the smell had passed up to the brain, it was like a light wind, or actually not a wind at all, more like air rottening since there was no movement.

The smell settled in the brain, made itself a cosy little room and furnished it with smell-like things. Silently and quietly it occupied the surroundings and dominated it all.  Filled its space in the brain with half-rotten air-like wind.

There the smell built a barrier to stop intruders, so when next sessions of smells tried to enter the brain, there was a impenetrable barrier. The next session of smells didn’t come further than the sinuses and established its tower there, ready to defend itself from attacks from both sides. One side newcoming intruders from the nose, and on the other side the old rotten-air-smell from the brain.

Accordingly the following session of smells never only came into the nose where they met a wall that stopped completely the way the smell had tempted to go to the brain. Same procedure. The third section was established in the nose, a solid barrier was built to stop any kind of intruding comrades.

Here is the situation of today> Three blocks of smells are established in my head where they do nothing else than blocking. They have forgotten their original mission; to let my poor brain have a taste of smells.

And here am I smelling and smelling day after day, and nothing coming further than my nostrils.
Moral< What good can smells now bring me_

Hi Mag,

This is very good insight! Do you think the smells were too aggressive when you started? Maybe we can check out specific smells and see how they effect you- what is clear is that the smells effect the amygdala. I'll share some interesting information you check out: You might like this video first- I found it an interesting lecture on memory- and the limbic brain which is effected by smells:

This website is actually very interesting to take courses- may interest you in general.

I'll try and send you more info on the sense of smell. If you can think of some emotions that you would like to work with more- or frustrations- or anything let me know and maybe we can try and work with some specific smells to help.

Hi to the family.

All the best,

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