torsdag 21. november 2013

Rome wasn't built on one day

Rom is the smell I concentrate on this week. Rom is amongst others used in cakes to give certain taste and also someone drink rom (still the Norwegian rom).

Rom(e) was not built on one day, - meaning as everyone knows things take time.

Why I chose this smell? Simply because of the association to ancient Rome which as mentioned wasn’t built on one single day.

Makes me wonder who the hell chose Rom(e) as an example to wiev that things take time.  Those fightening an expanding ancient Italians, how come they became the symbol of things take time? I tried to google on the net to find out who the hell was the maker of such a saying.  When googling I tangeted Adolf Hitler who wasn’t sure about who his father’s father was.

Makes me wonder why you Greg put me on the trace of Hitler in the innocent olfactory-program?

In addition I wonder why it was so important to underline that Rom(e) as an example. Ill placed in my opinion, when the Good book underlines that God used six days to create space. How could one then expect things to go faster than that?

I presume the big creator sitting in his Heaven laughing at me trying to find out who made the saying about Rome when there is so much more important things to explore than that.

Gets me wonder where this olfactory-program is bringing me. For first time in my poor smelling-history I am looking forward to do the olfactory-program.  So you succeeded, Greg, and if this is followed by better smelling and limbic…

Also I am not when associating about the smell of rom, talking about the poor rom-people that has flown over Norway like grashoppers when Moses was in Egypt and should lead his people out and to the promised land. These poor rom-people probably look upon Norway as their promised land. Neither am I associating around the computer-rom, read only memory. I am only stuck in the association around a certain smell and the story that consequently should follow. I am on the second day of rom-smell, and no story so far has knocked on my door. 
For two days no story so far has knocked on my door even though my door is of the kind easy to notice and I have a doormat telling whoelse comes near that they are welcome. Still no story knocks on my door.
May be the wrong thing was put to out this welcome-mat outside my door? May be one should not welcome whoever as well as whatever passed here? I hastedly removed the welcome-mat and put a dante-Divinia-Comedia-mat saying The one who treads here in – let all hope go. It functioned. Story after story knocked on my door. I met them in the doorway with knitted brows. – Are you ready to cross the Atlantic ocean, I prompted, and let all hope go? Story after story left the doorstep only showing me the back of a fading body. I laughed harshly at all of them, big promiscuous, arrogant, conceited, egocentric stories,  thought they could enter my house  and expect to be told.

That is why, Greg, there is no story this week. I am still waiting for a suitable one to pass my mat.

Have a nice weekend.

PS: I didn’t manage to open the link.
PS2: That is why those crossing the Atlantic do it with hope

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