lørdag 14. desember 2013

God bless the Tsar - far away from me

On again with smelling histories, and since my mother is allergetic to lot of smells and father is in Tromsø for a knee-check, the compromise is to choose smells from eatables the administration can tolerate. Then there is to hope that the yours sincerely can come up with something eatable as for writing.

Eatables. All smells today and for the rest of the week are not only eatable but said to be healthy. One of them is the Swedish liquor. Know about is, Greg? If not, I will smuggle some with me next time I come, and as a matter of fact, some of the Swedish liquor is already a smuggling case since we smuggled the vodka, a part of the Swedish liquor, from Chestnut Hill last time we were in Philly. Vodka is cheaper there than here, and as a side-thinking makes me wonder if you then drink more vodka than Norwegians.

Actually there is much international crime in our Swedish liquor. The vodka smuggled from USA, the mixture of herbs smuggled from Poland. The Swedish part is a Swede who 400 years ago wrote down the recipe of a mixture used by his family for generations. He himself used it daily. He lived to be 104 years, AND HE DIED IN AN ACCIDENT. The Austrian Treben gripped his recipe and startet to use it on herself. And now I am smelling it.

Back on trace. The Swedish liquor is made of 8 (I think) herbs in certain amount to each other. Then soaked in vodka for two weeks, and during those two weeks  cared for and attended like a baby. One could be envious for less I do thinks. After two weeks stored in the fridge and used for EVERYTHING, like the Norwegian fish oil every Norwegian has grown up on. One spoonful morning and evening.  I presume since the poor Swedes have no big oceans to go for cod-fishing, wedged in as they are between Finland, Denmark and Norway, they started hunting for their own healthy things. I don’t know whether they take the Swedish liquor every day.

Here in this part of the globe where we and the possessive elks live, we use the Swedish liquor when needed. For instance nearly a year ago a damn Exema flourished again in my face. Two – 2 – cortisone cures didn’t remove it. The herbal witches in my circle of friends started a treatment built on herbs
  • Special detoxing tea made of 3 kind of herbs to drink throughout the day picked around here in competitions with the elks.
  • Swedish liquor as a liniment on the face twice a day.
One week, and we saw the Exema give up and leave.

For some reason I feel sorry for that poor Exema and I do hope it has found a place where it can sponge and flourish without spoiling for anybody.

But now the writing ends since I now take the last smelling of this day. See you under next olfactory – day.

The Exema people live in colonies like the corals. They build and form their surroundings: Therefore you can see Exema flourish – which means they are building their environment. Hitler called it Lebensraum. Can’t understand why Hitler always pops up in my smelling-program. The Exema colony has a leader, a Führer so to say. He is the one and only who decides – as Hitler did.

When the cure of my Exema started by herbal treatment, things happened in the Exema colony. The three herbs put together in a tea I drank throughout the day, kept washing around the roots of the colony, sort of washing away the roots. At the same time the Swedish liquor (8 herbs in vodka) was used to wash my face at least twive a day. The Swedish liquor sort of rubbed on the head of the Exema people. Nobody likes the thought of being beheaded. Neither the Exema Führer. The treat of loosing the roots and head made him take the decision to capitulate before everything fell apart. Unlike Hitler who went on and let people become beheaded and rootless. 

As Moses of the Bible led his people out of Egypt, the Exema Führer led his people away from my face. But there stops the comparison since Moses led his people from slavery under foreign forces to the promised land, the Exema Führer led his people from the promised land into uncertainty where they were neither wanted nor welcome. The Bible tells how God accompanied  Moses and let manna rain from heaven and birds land in front of their feet when they were hungry. He let water flow from rocks when they were thirsty.

I don’t know what kind of God, if someone, the Exema Führer had to lean on, but as a Führer only believe in himself, himself and himself,..

But as one in a spunky way feel sorry for Hitler, so also in a spunky way I feel sorry for the Exema Führer.

But I say as an old Jude Rabbi in Russia under the Tsar when he was forced to bless the Tsar: God bless the Tsar  - far away from me. 

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