torsdag 24. juni 2010

Queen, England, otter, special, green

Carol Newells five words: Queen, England, otter, special, green

The otter was a back-packer. He travelled around the globe jus as that. Not that he was so keen on being a back-packer, but because he was on search for something he found nowhere. He couldn’t afford travelling in other ways, so he back-packed around the world. Lonely when he travelled, lonely when he stayed on wherever place. Only and always lonely. On his travels he searched for the opposite of loneliness.

He met no helpers on his way even though he could do with a helping and comforting hand here and there. He met no problemers either on his way. He could of course do without problemers, but on the other hand they could be quite interesting acquaintances, the problemers. Actually he could do with problemers, too. They were human beings as he was. He was a human being whatever biologically said. Loneliness and aloneness had followed the otter from the birth. He could never remember anyone there for him. He was alone, searching in the world for the opposite situation.

The otter had no hope of getting out of his aloneness when he settled. But as he had back-packed for a long time without succeeding in getting into community he decided he could just as well settle and practise some hobbies. He was a good swimmer and a skilled and abled fisherman, but that he considered of no interest and no skill. He had often watched birds flying and had by studies of the activity decided it could be possible for him to fly as well. He just had to practice it as he had seen young birds do. If those small creatures could learn that, why shouldn’t he?

That taken into consideration he chose where to settle so he could practice his new hobby. He needed flying facilities and the area chosen had low trees and small mountain-rocks. From those he could practice.

The otter knew no fear. In his life he had never been in the situation that could stir fear, so without hesitation he started his flying program, - without hesitation and without parachute. First he tried to mount a tree, but as that was of no success, he ran up on the mountainrock from behind. On the edge he had some hundred metres down to earth. Quite a suitable length he thought, because he needed time to flap with his legs to keep the sailing flight he had observed some birds had.

He made a brave and proud jump from the mountainrock and immediately started to flap eloquently with his legs. The green earth below him looked nice and welcoming. He flapped and flapped and met the welcoming earth by a stone.

From the dead otter’s body rose a special scent, the scent of braveness and unfearness, the scent of one who wanted as much out of life as possible and was willing to go for it. The scent of a positive soul rose into the air and started to travel in the universe. It passed mainlands, seas and oceans; it crossed rivers and flew by mountains and peaks. The soul enjoyed the flying and was surprised how easy it was and that it had been enough with one try to master the skill. The soul flew round and round the globe, enjoying life, 2ever being hungry, never being tired, and the best of all, never feeling alone. The universe offered an unseen community and external togetherness. The soul was happy and content. What a life to flee like this! No wonder birds looked so happy when sailing under the heaven!

The soul didn’t care for time. Time didn’t exist in this world. Therefore it is unclear how long time the soul flew in the universe before it landed as Queen of England who used her royal power to ensure life of animals. Especially she took care of otters and saw to that no otter should ever live alone and lonely.

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